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Learning for Life Series - Monisha Joy Gomez
(Posted Date: 13 May 2021 Thu)
Enrolling in SITLEARN Professional Development’s Robotics Fundamentals and Advanced Robotics courses to supplement a module she was taking at school, Monisha Joy Gomez shares how attending these courses has been enriching in both academia and real-life.
Learning for Life Series - Poh Chye Wei
(Posted Date: 13 May 2021 Thu)
As an electrical consultant running his own start-up, Poh Chye Wei has to stay at the forefront of the industry’s changing landscape. Inspired by his father, an engineer in the power sector, find out how attending continuing education courses from SITLEARN Professional Development continues to give Chye Wei a leg up in contributing to his industry.
Learning for Life Series - Seaw Ker Boon
(Posted Date: 13 May 2021 Thu)
He may have already traded in his student card for a staff pass, but SIT alumni and staff member Seaw Ker Boon chose to head back to the classroom to become a student once again. The aspiring software architect shares why he attended the Machine Learning courses under the SITLEARN Professional Development programme.
Readying SIT's Civil Engineering Graduates for the Future Workforce
(Posted Date: 16 Dec 2020 Wed)
SIT's lifelong learning division lays the foundation for Class of 2020 Civil Engineering graduates to attain their Professional Engineering qualification.

In a bid to strengthen the credentials of graduates from the Class of 2020, SITLEARN Professional Development (SITLEARN PD), the university's lifelong learning division, held the inaugural run of the Introductory Course on Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (FEE) in Civil Engineering from 21 September to 2 October, followed by the SIT FEE (Civil) exam on 19 and 20 October.
Empowering Learning for Life
(Posted Date: 10 Feb 2020 Mon)

In a world shaped by constant disruption, lifelong learning is pivotal in nurturing innovative and adaptive workers, enhancing economic competitiveness and quality of life.

Besides equipping its students with industry-relevant expertise, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) also strives to support its alumni who have joined the workforce, to continually gain and apply new skills.