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SIT Learn

About SITLEARN Professional Development's
Custom Courses

Tailored to an organisation's specific training needs, SITLEARN Professional Development's custom courses are the culmination of extensive consultation with the client organisation to understand its business context and capability development goals.

Whether you are looking to retain and grow key talent, or develop specialist expertise, we can work with you to design a customised learning solution that delivers your business objectives.

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Our Unique Propositions

Our Approach

1 Diagnose

Initial assessment of industry and client's needs

2 Design

Identify potential faculty and assemble teaching team

Engagements and interactions with industry, client and stakeholders

3 Develop

Conceptualise & develop course and details

Finalise course and plan execution with stakeholders

4 Deliver

Develop course and manage participants' experience

5 Debrief

Evaluate, debrief and refine (After action review)