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Sustainable design is the tool to create a competitive edge for your product. In this 1-day training course, we will apply our sustainable design knowledge to create a sustainable future with energy and innovative solutions. The uniqueness will result in a competitive edge and uncontested market space in your business.

In business, “Sustainability investing is the explicit recognition that social, economic, environmental and ethical factors directly affect business strategy”. “A sustainable business is one that can thrive in the long term: the crux is in understanding that “sustainability is bigger than a public relation stunt or a green product line, bigger even than a heartfelt but occasional nod to ongoing efforts to save the planet.”

There are several options to achieve sustainability in wastewater treatment: decentralisation of treatment and the choice of appropriate treatment technologies which promote “zero-discharge” technology would be appropriate; wastewater designers should adopt a cyclical and not a linear approach; this closed-loop treatment system can promote conservation of water and nutrients, and is ecologically sustainable.

This 1-day training course will provide participants with the required knowledge and skills in Sustainable Design Indicators, Overview of the Liquid & Solids Treatment Processes, and Operation Audit. Participants will be able to apply the essential tools, metrics for monitoring their facilities. Last but not least, participants will remember, understand the strengths of common Energy Recovery Device (ERD), e.g. Pressure Exchanger (SWRO) vs Turbo Charger (NEWater Factory) vs Pelton Turbine, and then evaluate and select a suitable ERD for their own facilities and plants.

“During the course workshop, the participants will also have the opportunity to discuss with the SIT staff on the SIT applied research collaboration and funding of energy efficiency product development for the industry and SME companies.”

Teaching Team

What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of this course, the participants should be able to develop good understanding of:
  1. Understanding a green and sustainable water / wastewater treatment plant assessment:
    • Remember and Understand the Broad Category of Sustainability Indices in Economy, Environment and Society

  2. Understand, apply and explore energy savings opportunities in unit processes (pre-treatment, primary and secondary treatment and post-treatment) for both the Oil/Gas and Municipal Sector:
    • DAF/CPI/IGF separator, Primary Settlement Tank, Aeration Tank, Final Settlement Tank, Thickening, Digestor, Dewatering Centrifuges, Energy Recovery Device

  3. Exploring a model water/wastewater treatment plant for Operation Audit, Energy Efficiency and conservation by creating awareness to realizing improvements and exploiting metrics (toolbox) in energy efficiency:
    • Apply the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Analyse & Evaluate the beneficial energy efficiency concepts and Create solutions for your own facility

  4. Understanding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Tianjin Eco-City (as a case study) so that the participants can apply the beneficial energy efficiency concepts and solutions to their own facilities.

This 1-day training course also covers the following major topics:
  • Understanding of the unit operations and major process equipment typically used in a water / wastewater treatment plant;
  • Focus on the unit processes in a water treatment plant and identify opportunities for energy savings;
  • The essential tools, metrics, and monitoring for a sustainable water treatment plant;
  • Proven quantitative KPIs in an actual eco-city project;
  • The principles of energy measurement such as kWh/m³of waste water treatment;
  • Opportunities for further reuse of the treated waste water

Who Should Attend

• Water and wasterwater treatment engineers and managers
• Plant process engineers and managers
• Maintenance and facilities engineers and managers
• Sales engineers and managers
• Instructional trainers and educators
• Energy efficiency engineers and managers
• Water treatment supervisors
• Process engineers in water/wastewater treatment plants and operation
• Process and operation managers in water/wastewater treatment plants and operations
• Process equipment suppliers for water/ wastewater treatment
• Process consultants and designers for wter/wastewater treatment


  • Familiar with MS Office especially Microsoft Excel
  • Familiar with water chemistry
  • Good to have at least seen a water/wastewater treatment plant.

SITizens Learning Credits (SLC) - Eligible Course

This course is SITizens Learning Credits (SLC) eligible. Please refer to the user guide how to register for courses utilising your SLC.

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Certificate and Assessment

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to participants who:

  • Attend at least 75% of the course
  • Undertake non-credit bearing assessment during the course

Continuing Professional Development

This course is pending continuing professional development units from PE Board Singapore.


Welcome and Registration
Topic 1: The Business of Sustainability & Sustainable Design Indicators of a WWTP
Topic 2: Unit Processes of Liquid Treatment Process in a used water treatment plant in a Refinery
Tea Break
Topic 3: Unit Processes of Solids Treatment Process in a used water treatment plant in Refinery
Topic 4: Unit Processes of Liquid & Solids Treatment Processes in a municipal water reclamation plant
Topic 5: Operation Audit Framework used in a used water treatment plant
Topic 6: Case Study of KPIs in Tianjin Eco-City
Tea Break
Topic 7: Introduction to Energy Recovery Device (ERD)
Topic 8: Open Networking Case Studies for participants
Quiz/ Q&A
End of Day


Category Full Fee After SF Funding
Singapore Citizen (Below 40)  $963.00 $288.90
Singapore Citizen (40 & above) $963.00 $108.90
Singapore PR/LTVP+ Holder $972.00 $291.60
Non-Singaporeans $972.00 Not Eligible
  • All figures include GST. GST applies to individuals and Singapore-registered companies.
  • You can opt for either SkillsFuture Funding or Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy. Both cannot be combined.

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Terms & Conditions:

SkillsFuture Funding

To be eligible for the 70% training grant awarded, applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) must:
  1. Be a Singaporean Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident or LTVP+ Holder
  2. Not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed for the programme

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

To be eligible for the 90% enhanced subsidy awarded, applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) must:
  1. Be a Singaporean Citizen
  2. Be at least 40 years old
  3. Not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed for the programme

SIT reserves the right to collect the balance of the programme fees (i.e. the potential grant amount) directly from the applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) should the above requirements not be fulfilled.

SIT reserves the right to make changes to published course information, including dates, times, venues, fees and instructors without prior notice.
SITizens Learning Credits

Key Info

Venue SIT@Dover, 10 Dover Drive S138683
Time 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Date 28 Apr 2023 (Fri)
Register Before: 07 Apr 2023
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