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Drones (technically known as unmanned aerial vehicles) have leapt from the fad stage to the global stage very rapidly, as private and government organisations are starting to realise its ever-expanding scope and potential. From quick deliveries at rush hour to scanning an unreachable location, drones are proving to be extremely beneficial in places where the human is unable to reach or is unable to carry out tasks in a timely and efficient manner. This introduction of drones is rapidly changing the business landscape, and thus, knowledge of drone piloting, including drone flight path pre-programming, are becoming essential skillsets in today’s workforce.

This 2-day interactive workshop will introduce participants to the fundamentals of drone technology including flight mechanics and essential drone components, drone piloting, as well as fundamentals to drone flight path pre-programming using relevant softwares. Hands-on practical will be conducted using industry-inspired scenarios during both afternoon sessions to facilitate experiential learning. A drone kit will be provided and at the end of this workshop, each participant will bring home the drone kit used, so that the exploration using drones can continue for applications at home or at work.

To aid companies in transforming their capabilities through their human capital, and support Singapore’s drive towards becoming a Smart Nation, this course is mapped to the Singapore Economic Development Board’s Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index – Dimension 4 Shop Floor Automation.

Teaching Team

What You’ll Learn

Evolution of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • This topic will look at the evolution of unmanned aerial vehicles from a historical perspective, including the various types of UAVs developed for the different types of application, both in the industrial and non-industrial setting.

Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics
  • This topic will look into an aircraft's motion in the atmosphere and how its configuration affects stability and control, including the different types of forces that act on an aircraft and how different control surfaces are used to vary these forces to control the aircraft in flight.

Essentials of Drone Technology
  • This topic will give an overview on the working principles of the various components that make up a drone, such propellers, motors, sensors and flight controllers.

Overview of Drone Operations
  • This topic will look into the necessary knowledge of operating drones in Singapore’s context, including the procedures to safely and legally fly drones, categories of flying permits and managing unexpected emergencies during flight. This will be enriched with hands-on sessions to pilot drones, mimicking flight paths based on the CAAS’s Operator Permit flight examinations.

Pre-Programming of a Flight Path
  • This topic will look into applying programming concepts to communicate, command and control a Drone using relevant softwares, before moving on to flight path planning and autonomous flight. This will be enriched with hands-on programming sessions using the drone to carry out various tasks on industry-inspired application scenarios.

Who Should Attend

Participants who wish to understand drone technology in general. This includes end-users of drone technology without any engineering background, decision-makers looking into adopting drone technology, participants who want to equip themselves with drone piloting and flight path programming skillsets, and even participants who just want to increase their general knowledge.


SITizens Learning Credits (SLC) - Eligible Course

SIT Alumni: Before registering for courses, please activate your SITizens Learning Credits via the email sent by SIT Alumni Team, on behalf of SITLEARN Professional Development.

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Certificate and Assessment

A Certificate of Participation will be issued to participants who:
  • Attend 75% of the course
  • Undertake non-credit bearing assessment (during course)


Day 1
Time Topic
8:30am Welcome and Registration
9:00am Evolution of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Fundamentals of Flight Mechanics
10:30am Tea Break
10:45am Overview of Drone Technology and Operations
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Drone Simulation Software
3:00pm Tea Break
3:15pm Drone Piloting
5:00pm Reflections
5:30pm End of Day 1

Day 2
Time Topic
8:30am Overview of Programming Concepts
10:30am Tea Break
10:45am Control of Drones via Programming                                        
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Planning of Flight Paths
2:30pm Flight Path Programming
3:00pm Tea Break
3:45pm Flight Path Programming (Con't)
4:30pm Practical Assessment
5:00pm Reflections
5:30pm End of Day 2


Category Full Fee After SF Funding After SF Mid-Career
Enhanced Subsidy
Singapore Citizen (Below 40) / Singapore PR $1,926.00 $577.80 Not Eligible
Singapore Citizen (40 & above) $1,926.00 $577.80 $217.80
Non-Singaporeans $1,926.00 Not Eligible Not Eligible

  • All figures include GST. GST applies to individuals and Singapore-registered companies.
  • You can opt for either SkillsFuture Funding or Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy. Both cannot be combined.

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Terms & Conditions:

SkillsFuture Course Funding

To be eligible for the 70% training grant awarded, applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) must:
  1.  Be a Singaporean Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident
  2.  Not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed for the programme

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy

To be eligible for the 90% enhanced subsidy awarded, applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) must:
  1.  Be a Singaporean Citizen
  2.  Be at least 40 years old
  3.  Not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed for the programme

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SITizens Learning Credits

Key Info

Venue SIT@Dover, 10 Dover Drive, S138683
Time 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM
Date 12 Mar 2020 (Thu) to
13 Mar 2020 (Fri)
Registration is Closed.

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